“I am a Fashion Design Consultant based in London. My clients are from Saudi Arabia. Taiwan, India and Russia. Over the past 12 months Natalie has offered me invaluable support. She has a wide practical and intellectual skills base and can handle any task. 

Natalie gives a very punctual, effective and detailed service. She has great problem solving skills; a calm and analytical outlook. 

In addition Natalie’s upbeat temperment and positive ‘can-do’ attitude means that the most challenging problems are dealt with without hesitation. 

Natalie’s wide life experience and qualifications means that she can deal with the highest level of international client.”

Esmée Ertekin, Director Esmée Studio London Ltd.

I am always grateful for the Stellar Secretary’s ability to jump in and help with different projects which allows me to meet deadlines and deal with the ever changing customer flow. Her dedication to excellence and ability to meet deadlines is muchly appreciated

Laurel Williamson, Owner of Simplify Bookkeeping and Consulting Services