SEO Expert Blogs Made Easy

A couple of years ago, after I started my Virtual Assistant business, a friend introduced me to an acquaintance who had a social media marketing company. She was looking for copy writers. So, I thought, as did my friend, that we might be a fit.

I knew how to write good copy, I could meet a deadline, and I was committed to delivering high-quality work. I was perfect, right? Wrong. I was hopelessly ignorant about the world of Social Media, trending topics, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords and everything else in between.

Since then, I have educated myself relentlessly about social media and the internet, and how they can both be relatively inexpensive and effective advertising tools. I am not an SEO expert but having absorbed lessons from SEO experts on the world wide web, I’ve devised a relatively easy and effective approach for writing SEO expert blogs.

So, here is a very simple how-to-guide for writing to a SEO expert standard. Simply follow the steps to produce content that will help you win the SEO game. Later, if you want to deeply understand how the process works, you can consult one of the SEO experts that taught me everything I know. Continue reading SEO Expert Blogs Made Easy