I started this Virtual Assistant business two years ago and since then I have gained a lot of experience and insight into business trends.

I learnt that although many companies use Virtual Assistants, most company leaders want their Executive Assistant in-house with them – all, if not some, of the time. So, much of the work that comes to Virtual Assistants is project work surplus to an in-house team’s remit.

A marketing research survey that results in an Excel spreadsheet. A customer database that needs checking and updating. A mass email campaign telling of a new promotion.

I did these types of projects; delivered a good product and got paid by a happy client, but my vision of virtual assistant work got turned on its head by one prominent business need: content writing.

Content writing includes so many traditional business practices: proposals, manuals, procedures, press releases, letters, brochures, catalogues and more.  I have experience with most of them, but the ones I find myself working on repeatedly are solely related to the internet.

Across industries the internet plays a huge role. Whether its focus is on giving clients information, providing them with a downloadable service, or being their e-commerce platform, all websites require two things: content and construction.

I can happily say that creating and maintaining my own WordPress website has given me the skills to construct a professional internet presence, but I would hardly call myself an expert.

I would say however that I am slowly becoming an expert at content. From what I have learned, websites need two layers:

1) This is basic content that you are reading right now: an example of a page that covers the who, what, where, why or how of a business. The content of these pages stays relatively constant. So the trick with them is to produce copy that is readable, relatable, and concise so that it will keep visitors interested and around.

2) The second type of content forms an ongoing business need: this is fresh content and it changes, or should change regularly. Articles, blog posts, press releases and any current information that will interest your target market is worth investing in. The trick to this content is knowing all the tricks and it is these that I am becoming an expert on.

So, if you want to learn more about how The Stellar Secretary can enhance your business’ reputation, polish your website content, create fresh SEO ready blog posts and more, then please check out the About page for details.